Your Hair Station @ ZBeautyLounge
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About ZbeautyLounge
Full Service Salon
   Z-BEAUTY LOUNGE is a full salon service. Tucked away in a corner down the road from the busy      
   epicenter of Santana Row, is a quiet pampering island of refuge, a true oasis for rejuvenation and        transformation
  ZbeautiLounge offers a wide variety of hair, skincare services and eyelash extensions,
  We Offer:
  A beautiful workstation - Gorgeous cherry wood stations with
  granite counter tops.
  Holder for hot and cold styling tools.
  Beautiful hydraulic chairs for clients.
  Elegant, hardwood floors throughout
  10% commission on hair- & skincare retail sales.
  Generous referral program.
  Laundry and cleaning services.

  Exposure on all our social media connections
  Optional: Online scheduling available upon request
  Shampoo stations with ceramic bowls and comfy chairs.
  Back bar fully stocked with supplies and clean towels.
  Personal locker for you products. 
  Private eyelash extension & facial rooms.
  Spacious break room with microwave, toaster, rice cooker, table.
  Separate men & women’s bathrooms.

  Complimentary coffee, tea,water.
  WIFIavailable for you customer.

  This is a great location 2 blocks south of Santana Row and we pride ourselves on being a professional   salon.
  Please call us and make an arrangements to visite the salon. We are looking forward to speaking        
  with you.


Monday                10am to 7pm
Tuesday               10am to 7pm
Wednesday          10am to 7pm
Thursday              10am to 7pm
Friday                   10am to 7pm
Satursday             9am to 5pm
Sunday -              Closed

We Have Hair Stations Available For Rent
Call (408) 260 7400
Meet The Team
  1. Rachell Zafico
    Rachell - Aesthetician & Advanced Certified Xtreme Lash Stylist Z-Beauty Lounge Manager Rachell has over 20 years experience in many areas of the beauty industry.
  2. Shala
    Hair Stylist Shahla is an experienced hairstylist. She specialized in cut & color, high lights, color corrections, brazilian blowout out, hair straightening, threading, and hair extensions. She is meticulous and make sure you are happy with your beauty services. Shahla provides free consultation prior to customized services to suit your beautiful feature. Brazilian Blowout Certified Wella, Socolor, Pravana & RedKen Professional Products Expert
  3. Annie
    Hair Stylist Z – Beauty Lounge is proud to have Annie to join our team two years ago, she is one of the skilled, talented stylist in the bay area – providing high quality hair care services. Annie has 30 years of experience as a hairstylist! Her repeat guests enjoy and always looking forward to the next appointment with her. She specialized in Cut & color Pressed & curl Natural hair professional treatments Relaxer Braids & hair extensions Call 925-565-1081 for an appointment.
700 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite #30 San Jose, CA 95128
Open Mon - Sat 10 am - 7 pm
(408) 260-7400 or (408) 551-8761     Email: